Andy’s Italian Ices NYC is offering a unique way to help with your Brand Activations White Plains. When you are planning your next party, event, sponsorship, block party, sweet sixteen, special anniversary or are just searching for new ways in which to get your name out there, call us at 855-762-6397. With our new concept of Brand Activations White Plains, we cover our ice truck with your company name, photo, logo or message.

What do we offer in the way of catering? We offer our famous Italian ices in 45 delicious flavors, water ice, ice cream and even sugar free choices available. We also offer depending on the package chosen, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, espresso, cold beverages such as Frappuccino’s, Lattes, Macchiato’s, Cappuccino’s and more. We have donuts, pastries, smoothies, shakes and even Acai bowls.

Not only do we provide excellence in refreshments, with our program for Brand Activations White Plains our truck will be covered in your message or logo, and all of the paper goods such as coffee cups and ices cups will as well.
If you are planning a corporate event, block party or other party where you will have numerous people, not to worry, our truck comes fully prepared to serve any number of people.

Did you know that Andy’s Italian Ices NYC can also offer your guests liquor infused drinks too? We have Pina Coladas, Mojito’s, Margherita’s, Daiquiri’s, and mudslides to name a few.

In fact, if you are planning a party dockside, we can do that too!

Our truck can play wonderful Italian music if you so choose, have lights for evening parties and can make your event the talk of the town!

We re-brand our ice truck for your company.

If you have guests that happen to have special dietary needs, we do that too. We offer a wide selection of dairy free, low carb, cholesterol free, gluten free, void of trans fats, no sodium, fat free and sugar free options as well. So, matter what the size of the crowd, the event or even the time of day, Andy’s Italian Ices NYC can be there and display your company name, message or logo right on our ice truck while serving your guest delicious refreshments.

White Plains NY Brand Activation

With this new concept of Brand Activations White Plains, you can fulfill an advertising void at any event.

If you would like to learn more about our new Brand Activations White Plains or would like to check out our menu, please visit our website. Or, if you prefer, you may call directly to speak with our representative at 855-762-6397. We can answer any questions you may have, check on date availability and help you to book your event.

Know that Andy’s Italian Ices NYC travels to the Hamptons and as far east as Montauk. For those that are planning dockside parties, call soon as dates are seasonally limited.

This is such a great advertising idea for something different and so simple! When it comes to originality, nobody beats Andy’s Italian Ices NYC.

We can also help with Catering – contact us today to get started.