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Andy’s Ice is the finest quality ‘Real Gourmet Italian Ice’ made fresh daily!
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Please ensure that your event is minimum of one hour of service and 100 servings or more.

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    Gourmet Dessert TruckCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Our gourmet dessert truck offers over 45 different flavors of Italian Ices, sugar-free ices and ice cream. We also offer a huge coffee and espresso area with many different drink options iced or hot. In addition, we offer fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes for your event options.

    Gourmet Italian Ice PushcartCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Our Italian ice push cart could hold up the six flavors of your choice of Italian ice or ice cream. Our push cart is perfect for all types of occasions.

    Pop-up TableCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Our pop up table is perfect for our pre-cup package selections or Popsicles. We could set up our table anywhere you’d like. Home, backyard, office kitchen and many more places.

    In HouseCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    We'll set up on your kitchen or break room.

    Gourmet PopsiclesCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Gourmet 4oz Popsicles of any flavor dropped off at your office or school home etc.

    Packed CupsCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Prepackaged cups delivered to your home, office, school, or wherever you may be holding your event!

    Citroen/Lemont TruckCatering | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Cool down your next event! Our Citroen/Lemont Truck is completely modified for any event! We serve bagels, fast food, ice cream, ices, & donuts along with hot beverages from our full coffee & espresso bar!

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    Let Andy’s Italian Ices be The WOW! Factor at your next affair. Invite our professional courteous staff to cater your next Party, Social or Business Event with over 45+ mouth-watering flavors of Water Ice, Crème Ice and even Sugar-Free offerings. At Andy’s, we do all types of events, parties, picnics, barbecues, office celebrations and more. Andy’s Italian Ices will come to your On-Site location, Catering Facility, Backyard, Office, School, Beach, Summer Home, and more. You tell us the location, pick the flavors, (ask about our made-to-order flavors & Seasonal favorites of Water Ice and Crème Ice) and Andy’s will do the rest. You can select from our complete services throughout your event.

    Our truck can provide the following: (see our menu page for more details)

    • Gourmet Italian Ices (45+ mouth-watering flavors of Water Ice, Crème Ice and even Sugar-Free offerings)
    • Gourmet Ice Cream
    • Coffee
    • Hot Teas
    • Hot Coco
    • Espresso
    • A large selection of Cold Beverages including iced Lattes, Macchiatos, Cappuccinos, and Mochaccinos
    • Donuts & Pastries
    • Smoothies
    • Shakes

    At ANDY’s, we do all the work so you can enjoy your party!

    Having a Holy Communion, Christening, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Anniversary, Sweet Sixteen, Bridal Shower, Brunch, Barbeque, Rehersal Dinner, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, or Celebrating a Birthday or Private Party? Invite Andy’s Italian Ices to impress your guests. Let our Italian Music serenade your guests with the uniqueness of the most delicious Water Ice and Crème Ice experience ever!

    Having an evening affair?

    Worried about not having enough lights?  Our truck comes fully lite up with LED lighting.

    Our truck comes fully equipped ready to serve any amount of people.

    We also can serve Hot and Cold Beverages from our Espresso Bar.

    Let Andy’s Italian Ices “Bring the Kid Out In All Of Us”

    Delivering Homemade Italian Ices from NYC to The Hamptons & Montauk

    Andy's Italian Ice Indoor Table

    Liquor Infused Parties

    Looking for a unique flavor experience, Andy’s can do an infused liquor party at your Boat Dock, Home, or Private Club. We offer a huge selection of frozen cocktails that we will blend up for your next party. You provide Andy’s Ices with the liquor and see the amazing selection of refreshing cocktails we can make.

    Choose from our freshest fruit Water Ice and Crème Ice selections to make:

    · Pina Colada
    · Mojito
    · Margarita * Plain * Fruit
    · Daiquiri * Strawberry-Banana * Orange Creamsicle
    · Mudslide
    · Blue Martini or Blue Hawaii
    · Old Fashioned Fruit Punch
    · Chocolate Martini

    Did we miss your favorite frozen blended cocktail? Contact us and Andy’s will be happy to make your favorite liquor-infused frozen cocktail at your next party.

    Party Buckets

    Our Italian Water Ice and Crème Ice is made with only the finest ingredients, which we are now serving in Party Buckets to you. Pick from one of our many mouth-watering flavors, or our Seasonal favorites of Water Ice and Crème Ice. We even offer our Party Buckets in Sugar-Fee selections. Contact us today to find out more about Andy’s 2 Gallon Party Tubs.

    Employees standing with buckets of ice cream