Introducing Our Newest Trucks!

This new truck is available now, book now for your upcoming Spring & Summer events!

New Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

Don’t wait, be one of the first to experience our new truck!

We will be offering:

  • Bagels
  • Popcorn
  • Donuts
  • Coffee
  • Espresso (Cappuccino)
  • Ice cream
  • Italian Ices
  • Burgers, Fries, Soda, & More!

Whether you’re having a wedding, party, or business event, this truck is perfect for your catering needs! Impress your guests with custom branding and delicious food and drinks.
Contact us below or call us at (855) 76-ANDYS

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    Gourmet Dessert TruckNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Our gourmet dessert truck offers over 45 different flavors of Italian Ices, sugar-free ices and ice cream. We also offer a huge coffee and espresso area with many different drink options iced or hot. In addition, we offer fresh fruit smoothies and milkshakes for your event options.

    Gourmet Italian Ice PushcartNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Our Italian ice push cart could hold up the six flavors of your choice of Italian ice or ice cream. Our push cart is perfect for all types of occasions.

    Pop-up TableNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Our pop up table is perfect for our pre-cup package selections or Popsicles. We could set up our table anywhere you’d like. Home, backyard, office kitchen and many more places.

    In HouseNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    We'll set up on your kitchen or break room.

    Gourmet PopsiclesNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Gourmet 4oz Popsicles of any flavor dropped off at your office or school home etc.

    Packed CupsNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Prepackaged cups delivered to your home, office, school, or wherever you may be holding your event!

    Citroen/Lemont TruckNew Food Truck | Andy's Italian Ices NYC

    Cool down your next event! Our Citroen/Lemont Truck is completely modified for any event! We serve bagels, fast food, ice cream, ices, & donuts along with hot beverages from our full coffee & espresso bar!

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